XON Episode Three walkthrough
XON Episode Three is a puzzle-exploration game. The player needs to first understand what he should do and only then - how should he do it.
Tip: If you are stuck because of a bug, go to the game menu and tap 10 times on the XON logo. You will be teleported to the starting area so you can continue playing.
We start in the white room (red from the outside). The first thing you should do is find 5 blue crystals to energize the tram. The crystals are scattered all over and you need to explore to find them. The blue crystals are located on the floor or in these devices:
XON ep3
Tip: Explore! You might find interesting things
After finding all 5 crystals, insert them in the empty hols on the red tram base inside the white room.
Inserting the crystals will lower the tram. Now you can reach the top levels of every area. Get in to the tram and press the arrow t go up and to the next area.
Tip: To skip tram rides, tap the arrow button again

Water Area
When arriving to the top level of the water area, you will see three blue devices (water pumps) reachable by a walkway. Go to each one of them and touch them. That will raise a wind turbine and a water pump will start.
Now it's time to go back to the lower level of the water area. Go through the orange structures.
The goal here is to get the water flowing through all three tunnels to the center of the area.
On the base of every water pump there is a valve that can direct the water left or right. Direct both valves so water will flow to the well next to the ramp.
Wait for the well to fill. Now you can go on the blue floater and over the ramp to the lower level.
You need the water to stay in the well so close the blue valve on the base of the well.
Now go back up the ramp. turn the two valves once each. the first valve will direct the water to the first tunnel and the second one will start the water wheel turning and from there the water will flow to the second tunnel.
The water wheel will generate energy for the elevator to the third water pump.
Go up with the elevator and turn the last valve once. Now all water streams flow to the center of the area and this puzzle is solved. You can exit the area and go back to the tram.
With the tram, go to the upper level of the quarry. As you can see - the tram's rail is blocked. The goal of this area is to open the way and continue to the next area.
Next to where the tram stopped you will find three columns. touch the middle and the right one.
The huge black drills will move and make a walkway to enable you to reach the next three columns.
When on the other side, touch the right and left columns.
The first drill that blocked the tram will clear the way but there's another one. continue to the next part of the quarry.
Here you will find a 3D maze.
The goal is to reach this column and touch it to move the last drill.
Go through the maze by lowering and rotating bridges (you can do it without a walkthrough!) and touch the last column.
Now go back to the tram and ride to the next area.
When reaching the orchard with the tram you will be on the top level of an elevator. Step on the center of the elevator to go one level down. On the ground level, open all of the blue hatches.
Behind a boulder you will find a red hatch, open it too.
Now go back to the elevator and go another level down. This is the mirror room and the goal is to light all of the crystals by shining a ray of light through them.
The rules are simple - Every ray of light can bounce on three mirrors. The first mirror is always the one with an angle to the ceiling. Touch mirrors to rotate them. Again, no need for a detailed solve - this is a simple puzzle.
On a wall in this room you cam find a diagram that may help you.
Tip: You can use the snapshot feature from the menu to help you with puzzles
After solving the mirror room puzzle, go back to the elevator and go up to the tram. You can now go forward to the white room and go down to the end of the game...
Hope you enjoyed this episode, next one will be the last in the series!
Note: The red crystals and blue columns with the glass ball on them that are scattered around are part of puzzles that I didn't describe here. They are optional puzzles but solving them will give you some more clues about the world.
Tip: Change control type and movement speed in settings menu